Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe

The addition of cream cheese to the classic recipe results in an irresistibly moist and flavorful pound cake. Instead of making two loaves, you can make a single cake by baking the batter in a four-quart tube or Bundt pan; increase the cooking time by about five ininutes. How To Make Cream Cheese Pound Cake These cakes taste… Read More »

Old Fashioned Pound Cake Recipe

Old Fashioned Pound Cake Recipe, light on effort, heavy on satisfaction, pound cake owes its name to the traditional ingredients – one pound each of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs – which remain esentially the same today. This batter makes a delicious old-fashioned pound cake, and it’s also the base for the variations on the following pages. How… Read More »

Rhubarb Cake Recipes

Rhubarb Cake Recipes, although once commonly known as “pie plant,” rhubarb is versatile enough to be baked into other sweets, including these charming little cakes. Diced fruit is not only stirred into the batter, it is also simmered with water and sugar, then spooned over the whipped cream on top. MAKES 8 Rhubarb Cake Recipes – INGREDIENTS: FOR… Read More »

Carrot Tea Cake Recipe With Cream Cheese Frosting

This loaf-pan version of the beloved layer cake has the same signature flavors but is sipler to prepare. Serve the frosted cake with tea for an afternoon pick-me-up; unfrosted, it makes a welcome option on the breakfast table. MAKES ONE 9-BY-5-INCH LOAF Carrot Tea Cake Recipe  – FOR THE CAKE 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature,… Read More »

Lemon Pound Cake Recipe With Candied Lemon Slices And Syrup

Lemon Pound Cake Recipe With Candied Lemon Slices And Syrup desserts always top the list of favorites among readers. This one is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser, with lemon zest mixed in the batter, syrup soaked into the warm cakes, and glaze poured over the top-not to mention the beautiful garnish of candied lemon slices. MAKES TWO 9-BY-5… Read More »

Traditional English Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

Traditional English Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe. Dark and moist with plenty of spices and packed with plenty of sweet glacé fruit. It’s been a Christmas tradition in British family for decades. Traditional English Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe – INGREDIENTS: 5 egg yolks 3 egg whites 250g softened butter 250g of sugar 375g of flour 5g baking powder 50mL… Read More »

Grooms Cookie Cake

I want to show You how to bake over-the-top sweet and savory recipes that are sure to impress. This week, I’m sharing my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe from when I was a pastry chef in San Francisco. Grooms Cookie Cake 1 lb Butter (4 sticks), at room temperature 360 g(1 3/4 Cups) Sugar 360 g (1 3/4… Read More »

Simple Fruit Cake Recipe Christmas

Simple Fruit Cake Recipe Christmas – This fruit cake has a lot of what I consider the best part of fruit cakes, candied fruit. I like the soft almond flavor of this cake and you don’t have to wait a few weeks to enjoy, because it can be eaten on the same day when baked. Of course,… Read More »

Christmas Fruit Log Cake Recipe

Christmas Fruit Log Cake Recipe – The cake is loaded with lot of dry fruits and nuts. Full of flavor, moist and perfect to enjoy in Christmas eve. INGREDIENTS: 8 ounces butter 8 ounces packed brown sugar 8 ounces flour 2 ounces self-rising flour 1⁄2 teaspoon salt 4 eggs 1⁄4 teaspoon nutmeg 3 tablespoons fruit juice or… Read More »

Fruit Cocktail Graham Cake Recipe

Fruit Cocktail Graham Cake Recipe is a dessert, specifically a cake. This recipe is made up of fruit cocktail and graham biscuits. There are many recipes that you can do with graham crackers, and this is one of them. Fruit Cocktail Graham Cake Recipe – INGREDIENTS: 16 oz. 473 ml cold heavy whipping cream 7.6 oz. 225 ml… Read More »

West Indian Fruit Cake Recipe

West Indian Fruit Cake Recipe – Here is a quick, simple recipe for a Sorrel Fruit Cake. It’s delightfully moist, delicious, and intoxicating! Remember, you can substitute the alcohol with Grape Juice, Malta, Peardrax etc. West Indian Fruit Cake Recipe- INGREDIENTS: 1. Fruits 1 1/2 cups of pitted Prunes 1 1/2 cups of Raisins 1 1/2 cups… Read More »

The Best German Chocolate Cake Recipe

There is a lot of misinformation and information surrounding the history of German chocolate cake. Suffice to say that the cake has nothing to do with Germany and much to do with chocolate, sweet candles that work with the German chocolate brand Baker. Our version of the best German chocolate cake recipes is really up to date. We… Read More »

White Mayonnaise Cake Mix Recipe

Beautiful cakes for your daughter’s birthday. In addition to the delicious taste, White Mayonnaise Cake Mix is easy to make. How To Make White Mayommaise Cake Mix White Mayonnaise Cake Mix Recipe – INGREDIENTS: 1 1/4 tsp. baking soda 1/4 tsp. baking powder 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 2/3 cups sugar 3 eggs 1 cup Hellmann’s® or Best… Read More »

Best Vanilla Bean Loaf Cake Recipe

This fragrant cake makes the most of a plentiful supply of candy-sweet clementines-zest, juice, and segments. Vanilla beans contribute to the flavor in a big way. Save the split pods for rnaking vanilla sugar: Place them in a jar of sugar, seal lid, and leave for at least a week; the sugar should keep for several months. MAKES… Read More »

Easy Original New York Cheesecake Recipe – Best Traditional Recipes

Easy Original New York Cheesecake Recipe- New Yorkers are convinced that “their” cheesecake is the best, and indeed, this dessert – said to have made its debut at a city delicatessen in the 1920s – is the picture of smooth, creamy perfection. While there’s no single definition of New York-style, the term generally refers to a classic, unadorned… Read More »