Bj’s Wholesale Birthday Cakes

Bj's Wholesale Birthday Cakes

Bj’s Wholesale Birthday Cakes based in Westborough, Massachusetts, BJ’s is a leading operator of membership club clubs in the eastern United States. The company currently operates 214 clubs and 130 BJ Gas locations in 15 states.

Bj’s Wholesale Birthday Cakes members save 25% of the price of the grocery store every day. BJ’s offers complete commercial destinations filled with high-quality brands, including the exclusive Wellsley Farms and Berkley Jensen brands, along with USDA Choice meats, premium products and delicious organic foods in a variety of grocery stores. BJ is also the only wholesale membership club that accepts coupons from all manufacturers and, for convenience, offers the most payment options.

Bj’s Wholesale Birthday Cakes Club brings a variety of desserts to the next level by offering a new and elegant Wellsley Farms cake that is perfect for every occasion and sells for a fraction of the price of specialty bread.

“Bj’s Wholesale Birthday Cakes members know they can trust us for delicious and affordable cakes for all their special celebrations,” said David Hay, bread buyer for BJ’s Wholesale Club. “We are now delighted to offer two-tier cakes that can be decorated from Darth Vader to custom-made photos and designs and, of course, are baked with the best fresh ingredients our members have enjoyed for years.”