Edible Frozen Cake Topper

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Welcome to our store Edible Frozen Cake Topper design images. We offer cake design quality images. Add a personal touch to your cake today. Image size offered: 1.5 “(30 sheets) 1,875” (20 sheets) 2 “(12 sheets) 3” (6 sheets) 8 “Rnd 8” x 10.5 “sheets.

Edible Frozen Cake Topper

Each sheet of Edible Frozen Cake Topper is You receive it to do it professionally. Edible Frozen Cake Topper images are printed on glaze sheets, not wafer paper (rice) and edible ink (food coloring). Everything is approved by the FDA. Use glaze and edible ink. The image will fit on a sheet or round cake 8.

This sheet is easy to use.Please send me an email with your name or personal words in one hour. Include also if you want this image for round or square cakes. If no name is received, the image will be sent in an innocent way. We can make an edible cake ornament.

Do you have an image, a logo or a specific image that you want to see on the cake? Make photos for yourself. ice are equipped with instructions, simply remove the ice art ible of the backrest and place it on the new ice cake or cupcakes. After 15 to 25 minutes, the edible icing will mix with the glaze to give your cake a professional look. Each beak is sent in a plastic bag with airtight seal. It is not necessary to cool! Sugarfree! Soy Free! Free of trans fats! There are no known allergens! Do not add nut products!

Printed on high quality glazed paper (no wafer or rice paper) with high quality edible inks, also certified by halal. Ingredients: water, corn starch, solid corn syrup, cellulose, sorbopol, glycerin, sugar, vegetable oil, gum arabic, polysorbate 80, vanilla, titanium dioxide, citric acid. Please note that we are not responsible for delays at the post office. We will do everything possible to get the orders as soon as possible, but we give you time to receive items for your party. Price from $8.00 at amazon.com.

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